Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cooling time.

 summer  time cooling .
I can make you cool.
Read this and make a smoothie to drink.
go to the shop buy bananas and straw berries .come back home.

 peel the banana and cut them and
wash the straw berry and cut them.
put them in the blender . add little milk , sugar to make it sweet and vanilla essence.

blend it .again blend it.
pour  it in nice long glasses .add ice cubes.

wow ...our smoothie is ready. it is really tasty. it is cooling time.

Today we made smoothie at school.
 Sameeh and I went to the shop with Jyothi teacher and Meera teacher.
we bought 3 bananas.
there was no strawberry in the shop.
Jyothi teacher gave us an idea to buy strawberry ice cream.
We bought a packet of milk.
We enjoyed walking to the shop.
It was very hot outside.
We came back to school and made sweet smoothie.
I gave it to all teachers and friends to taste.
 Smoothie is very very tasty .