Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anju chechi.

Today I am very very very haaaaaaaaaappy
I was talking talking talking with my anju chechi.
she is very sweet and the best chechi on the earth.
anjuchechi is my Abith's chechi.
she is also my chechi.
Abith went to India.So anjuchechi and me are little sad.we miss Abith.
I want to see him.Anjuchechi also wants to see him.
anjuchechi called me',my dearest bimal'. she was talking talking talking to me.
she told me to go to her house one day. Iwill be going to her house on friday.
i will make a card and give it to her.i want to make her very happy.because she is a best chechi in the world.
I love Abith and Anjuchechi very much.


നിശാസുരഭി said...

ആഹ, കണ്ണന്ന് നല്ല ചേച്ചിമാരൊക്കേണ്ടല്ലെ?

അഞ്ജുചേച്ചി ഇന്ത്യയിലേക്ക് വന്നു, അപ്പൊ കണ്ണന്‍ ഇപ്പഴെവിടാ?

Bimal said...

I can't read this.My mummy read it for mummy is teaching me to read malayalam.I learn englsh in school.anjuchechi went to india.but i dint go.I am here.

വിപിൻ. എസ്സ് said...

like that we love you.............

Farrukh said...

Dear Bimal, I am AB Father, I like your blog, you have a tremendous job, very talented, you are the best you, I am very much inspire. I like your drawing too, great excellent, God Bless you, and AB and all our family love you..........!

Abu Baker (Father)

Bimal said...

thank you sooo much.