Thursday, January 13, 2011

Acting game

Today we had a nice game.mummy and me were acting. I was papa and mummy was my little daughter.mummy was acting like small funny.I like it.

mummy girl- papa papa .can you tell me a story?
me papa- ok OK
once upon a time there were a dog and a cock.
mummy girl - I like dog story.
me papa- They were friends. no no they were not friends.
they were fighting for a blanket and a pillow.
then the dog got the blanket and cock got the pillow.
then the dog covered the cock with the blanket.
the cock could not breath.
then the cock slowly came out and scratched the dog.
the dog said ouch.
that is the end of the story.
mummy girl - I want more story.
mepappa - no .I will take you to the zoo.
mummygirl - no no no papa .I am afraid of animals.
mepapa - why are you afraid ? You are a big girl.
mummygirl - no papa .I want to go to toy shop .
mepapa - ok ok.I will buy sketch pens for you to color.
mummygirl - noooo papa. [crying] I want a pink doll.
mepapa- you cant buy are a big girl.
mummygirl crying.-please papa please papa .I want a doll.
mepapa pulled mummygirl's ear.- why are you not listening to me? are you a crazy girl?
mummygirl is crying again.
mepapa - now stop crying. I will buy a new doll for you.
mummygirl -smiling - thank you papa.can I come with you to the shop?
mepapa - no.there will be traffic jam and police on the cannot come.
mummygirl.- I want to see traffic jam
again crying -papa papa traffic jam is sweet?
mummygirl laughing -now game is over. I am mummy and you are Bimal.
mummy - I have an idea.
Bimal - what?
mummy- you can type this game in your blog.
so we came and typed.
The end.


AtomicGitten said...

So cute!
You and Mummy-Girl seem to have had a lovely time :)
So did you buy the doll for mummy-girl?

Bimal said... was mummy girl's birthday.i made a card for her.

വിപിൻ. എസ്സ് said...

Hi ...Monu nicely written

വിപിൻ. എസ്സ് said...

Monu... Where is the card for your mummy girl... please post it.....

SURAJ said...

well lucky mummy girl ..wanna know whether she got the doll or not ?

:-) :-) :-)