Saturday, September 18, 2010

last day

This my calendar. I made it for counting the days. finally my school will open tomorrow. I am happy to go to my school. I am waiting to see my friends. today is the last day of my vacation.
i am going to sleep now.
good night to all of you.
see you tomorrow.
bye bye

Thursday, September 16, 2010

magic show

Actors-Boy, mother, father, pet rat, magician.

Boy, mother and father go for a magic show with the pet rat.

Magician to boy- rats are not allowed here. Take it back home.

Boy to rat – I told you not to come and see the show.

Rat – I like magic. I want to see the show.

Then boy does magic

Boy – om creem rat disappear.

The rat disappeares

Magic show starts

All people are happy laughing and cheering up.

Boy goes to the stage.

Magician takes an apple from air and gives to the boy.

Boy starts eating the apple.

Apple changes to a rat.

Boy is happy to see rat.

Boy- oh my rat. I am happy to see you.

Boy-but rats are not allowed here.

Magician smiles.

Magician does magic.

Rat turns to be beautiful princess in pink dress.

Boy – I don’t want princess . I want pink eley.pleaseeeeeeeepleaseeeeeee

Magician does magic.

Princess turns into pink eley.

Boy-Thank you so much.thank you thank you. I am so happy to get my pink eley.

Boy hugs and kisses the pink eley.

All people clapping.

Happy end of the story.

That boy is Bimal. hahahahaha

Monday, September 13, 2010

bimal in harihar nagar

I saw this film and like them so much, I wish if I could also go with them. I will have fun with them. My best friend will be Thomas kutty . I will go out with them to hotel , films, shopping and at night we will go back to villa and sleep. I will never come back to my home .
The new film -Bimal in Harihar Nagar part 4

Sunday, September 12, 2010

fais fais fais

fais fais fais
he is a tall boy
he is a thin boy
he has many friends
they are all tall boys
they always talk and laugh
they play football on the road.
i dont like boys playing on the road.
dont bring the ball on the road- i told them
they never talk to me.
they never smile at me
i hate them
his house is below my flat
if i make a hole on my bedroom floor
i can jump into his bed.
one night i will do that and scare him
the end

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rat and me

A rat went to shanthi school searching for food.
He sings pee pee pee.
What are you doing? I asked
Rat sings peepee pee
Get out from here .i said.
Rat sings peepee pee
Abith will kill you .i said
Rat sings peepee pee
Ateel will kill you .i said
Rat sings peepee pee
Linda will kill you .i said
Rat sings peepee pee
I will kill you . I said
Rat sings pee pee pee
Then the watchman came in
The rat runs away.
The end.

Abith and me

Today I am happy.
my friend Abith came back from India.
His grandfather passed away. He is sad.
His grandmother is in Mumbai.
Abith has a nice sister Anju chichi.
But I have no sister.
I have Abith’s photo.

This is Abith , me and Roxan. It was our sports day. The two boys were in red house.
roxan in blue house.
It was a nice day.
I like Abith so much.
waiting for the school to open to see him.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cats show

I went to a cats show today. I went with my friend Bala and his friend a girl.
The cats were singing song
I saw a big cat sitting on a ball.
We started laughing.
I saw small kittens were happy to see us.
Then someone was touching on my foot .
The clown was touching me.
It was a funny cat with a long red tail.
Bala gave the clown a biscuit.
I touched the red tail and the clown disappeared.
Suddenly all the cats disappeared.
It was full dark.
we were soooo scared. the girl started crying.
Then all the lights and cats came back.
They were laughing and clapping and laughing.
The cats said- It was our magic.
The end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

my sony

Jasyma gave me a new camera . it is a nice camera. I am taking many photos.
I took papas happy photo. See how he is smiling.

We went to shop down and took a photo of balls .
I took a cat sitting inside a bush. A bird sitting on window .jasy ma looking at the bird .

I like taking photos. I want to be a photographer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

my monkey

When I was in India we went to ooty. From there we went to dolphin nose.
I didn’t see any dolphin there.
I saw only many monkeys and hills.
All were happy to see hills.
Then a sad monkey saw me.
I have no mummy and papa. Said monkey. can you come my home ?
I said the monkey -I cant climb on your trees.
Monkey told –I am coming to your home .
I told monkey – you cant come home because aishubaby will cry to see monkey.
Monkey became sad.
I felt crying when I went home.
At home I was sad .
Then jasyma showed me our photo.
Dear monkey I will come there and show that photo next year.
I miss you .
Love you so much .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy birds

I wanted to go to the moon. I asked a bird –can you carry me to moon ?
Bird said- I can not take you to the moon.
Bird kissed me and I started flying.
I flew up in the sky and I saw the moon.
I saw Linda , Sameeh , Ateel ,Abith, ,ben ,Bency and Roxan playing there with a top.
They saw Bimal. They were happy to see me.
How did you come here ?they asked.
I have wings. I said.
I touched them and they all got wings.
We all started flying..happy happy bird friends.
The end.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

happy ghost boy bimal

The cats were having fun. They went to a shop to buy pizza. They ate two pizza and asked for more. The man asked the cats that who is eating pizza. Then the cats saw a rat. The rat was eating a pizza. The cats jumped at the rat. The rat changed into a boy. He started staring at the cats. The boy kicked the cats out of the shop.And the boy put the man into the pan. He took all pizza and ate. He became a happyboy. happy ghost boy bimal.
the end.