Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cats show

I went to a cats show today. I went with my friend Bala and his friend a girl.
The cats were singing song
I saw a big cat sitting on a ball.
We started laughing.
I saw small kittens were happy to see us.
Then someone was touching on my foot .
The clown was touching me.
It was a funny cat with a long red tail.
Bala gave the clown a biscuit.
I touched the red tail and the clown disappeared.
Suddenly all the cats disappeared.
It was full dark.
we were soooo scared. the girl started crying.
Then all the lights and cats came back.
They were laughing and clapping and laughing.
The cats said- It was our magic.
The end.

1 comment:

SURAJ said...

I love all those what you write .. its simple when I read you the same time Iam able visualize it..which makes me soo happy and I feel like going back to my childhood... :-)