Thursday, September 16, 2010

magic show

Actors-Boy, mother, father, pet rat, magician.

Boy, mother and father go for a magic show with the pet rat.

Magician to boy- rats are not allowed here. Take it back home.

Boy to rat – I told you not to come and see the show.

Rat – I like magic. I want to see the show.

Then boy does magic

Boy – om creem rat disappear.

The rat disappeares

Magic show starts

All people are happy laughing and cheering up.

Boy goes to the stage.

Magician takes an apple from air and gives to the boy.

Boy starts eating the apple.

Apple changes to a rat.

Boy is happy to see rat.

Boy- oh my rat. I am happy to see you.

Boy-but rats are not allowed here.

Magician smiles.

Magician does magic.

Rat turns to be beautiful princess in pink dress.

Boy – I don’t want princess . I want pink eley.pleaseeeeeeeepleaseeeeeee

Magician does magic.

Princess turns into pink eley.

Boy-Thank you so much.thank you thank you. I am so happy to get my pink eley.

Boy hugs and kisses the pink eley.

All people clapping.

Happy end of the story.

That boy is Bimal. hahahahaha


Nilina said...

Kanna, i enjoyed reading your magic show and i'm happy you got your elee back.keep writing!!!!

Bimal said...

thank you soo much Nilina aunty .

SURAJ said...

Wow !! hmm well Iam proud to follow a gr88 writer :-)