Friday, September 3, 2010

my monkey

When I was in India we went to ooty. From there we went to dolphin nose.
I didn’t see any dolphin there.
I saw only many monkeys and hills.
All were happy to see hills.
Then a sad monkey saw me.
I have no mummy and papa. Said monkey. can you come my home ?
I said the monkey -I cant climb on your trees.
Monkey told –I am coming to your home .
I told monkey – you cant come home because aishubaby will cry to see monkey.
Monkey became sad.
I felt crying when I went home.
At home I was sad .
Then jasyma showed me our photo.
Dear monkey I will come there and show that photo next year.
I miss you .
Love you so much .


SURAJ said...

heyy I liked ur monkey act ;-)
reading this Iam reminded abt a squirrel whom I missed soo long when we shifted our flat due to my dad's tranfer :(

Bimal said...

do you have that squirrels photo?

Materialmom said...

Hope the sad monkey found friends.

When I went to Kodaikanal I saw a mother monkey with a baby monkey on her back. She snathed a packet of cotton candy from my hand and ran away. She was a clever monkey :D

Bimal said...

hahaha.i like that monkey.