Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anju chechi.

Today I am very very very haaaaaaaaaappy
I was talking talking talking with my anju chechi.
she is very sweet and the best chechi on the earth.
anjuchechi is my Abith's chechi.
she is also my chechi.
Abith went to India.So anjuchechi and me are little sad.we miss Abith.
I want to see him.Anjuchechi also wants to see him.
anjuchechi called me',my dearest bimal'. she was talking talking talking to me.
she told me to go to her house one day. Iwill be going to her house on friday.
i will make a card and give it to her.i want to make her very happy.because she is a best chechi in the world.
I love Abith and Anjuchechi very much.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Acting game

Today we had a nice game.mummy and me were acting. I was papa and mummy was my little daughter.mummy was acting like small funny.I like it.

mummy girl- papa papa .can you tell me a story?
me papa- ok OK
once upon a time there were a dog and a cock.
mummy girl - I like dog story.
me papa- They were friends. no no they were not friends.
they were fighting for a blanket and a pillow.
then the dog got the blanket and cock got the pillow.
then the dog covered the cock with the blanket.
the cock could not breath.
then the cock slowly came out and scratched the dog.
the dog said ouch.
that is the end of the story.
mummy girl - I want more story.
mepappa - no .I will take you to the zoo.
mummygirl - no no no papa .I am afraid of animals.
mepapa - why are you afraid ? You are a big girl.
mummygirl - no papa .I want to go to toy shop .
mepapa - ok ok.I will buy sketch pens for you to color.
mummygirl - noooo papa. [crying] I want a pink doll.
mepapa- you cant buy are a big girl.
mummygirl crying.-please papa please papa .I want a doll.
mepapa pulled mummygirl's ear.- why are you not listening to me? are you a crazy girl?
mummygirl is crying again.
mepapa - now stop crying. I will buy a new doll for you.
mummygirl -smiling - thank you papa.can I come with you to the shop?
mepapa - no.there will be traffic jam and police on the cannot come.
mummygirl.- I want to see traffic jam
again crying -papa papa traffic jam is sweet?
mummygirl laughing -now game is over. I am mummy and you are Bimal.
mummy - I have an idea.
Bimal - what?
mummy- you can type this game in your blog.
so we came and typed.
The end.

Monday, January 10, 2011

my trip to the desert

Today I was an angry boy Bimal.
'Why are you so angry Bimal?' my 4 friends asked.
i said.' i want to go to some places. I want to go to wafra.'
I asked my friends 'please come with me to wafra.'.
They didn't tell me anything.
I wanted to stay in the desert.I went there and made a tent .
In the night owls and black cats came inside the tent.
In the darkness only their eyes were shining.
I covered my head with the blanket.
Black cat came and licked my feet.
I did a magic ..'OM CREEM..I AM FLYING'
Suddenly I started flying and escaped from the tent.
I flew up in the sky.
I touched the stars and planets .
I felt tired and I sat on the moon.
But all the owls and black cats were there.
Their eyes were shining in the darkness.
I am scared of black cats and owls.
I did magic again and flew back home.
I knocked the door.'mummy are you there?'
'where were you Bimal?'mummy asked me
I smiled at mummy .She kissed me.I felt happy and went to my bed.
This is the best place to sleep.
but something is licking my toes again.oh no is it a black cat? is my toy.