Monday, January 10, 2011

my trip to the desert

Today I was an angry boy Bimal.
'Why are you so angry Bimal?' my 4 friends asked.
i said.' i want to go to some places. I want to go to wafra.'
I asked my friends 'please come with me to wafra.'.
They didn't tell me anything.
I wanted to stay in the desert.I went there and made a tent .
In the night owls and black cats came inside the tent.
In the darkness only their eyes were shining.
I covered my head with the blanket.
Black cat came and licked my feet.
I did a magic ..'OM CREEM..I AM FLYING'
Suddenly I started flying and escaped from the tent.
I flew up in the sky.
I touched the stars and planets .
I felt tired and I sat on the moon.
But all the owls and black cats were there.
Their eyes were shining in the darkness.
I am scared of black cats and owls.
I did magic again and flew back home.
I knocked the door.'mummy are you there?'
'where were you Bimal?'mummy asked me
I smiled at mummy .She kissed me.I felt happy and went to my bed.
This is the best place to sleep.
but something is licking my toes again.oh no is it a black cat? is my toy.

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SURAJ said...

Even your imagination made me fly high..really felt like being in a desert and making a tent .. I could see you doing all that and finally flying like super man heheh :-) :-) :-)