Tuesday, February 28, 2012

happy day!

My sports day was on February 17 Friday. It was in morning. First item was March past. We had four houses; blue, red, green and yellow .i was in the blue house. Then we had drill display. We were wearing robot costume for the drill.  Abith and friends did yoga. There were many games. All of us got medals and certificates. I got medal for salad making. Boys sang –why this kolavary di song .I wanted to dance with Abith. We all enjoyed our sports day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy boys and girls

My sports day is on Friday.  We have march past, drill and some games. All boys and girls are very happy.
We had a practice today.We went to a new big school .I always want to study in big school.
I felt so happy to play games and robot dance. Icould not come first in race today.
I am  in the blue house.Abith in yellow, Sameeh is in green   house and Linda is in red house . Sumaya is blue house captain.she sometimes cries .
Abith always wins the race and I feel fed up of it.i will try to win on sports day.
I want to find out my camera. My camera is missing . I asked Jasyma to search for it . .I will ask my papa to take photos with my camera on sports day. Jasyma enjoys taking photos with her big camera.
After practice we sat in  a big classroom.all the chairs were so nice .There were photos on the walls. We had juice and pizza. We came back home.Now I am waiting for my sports day.