Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy boys and girls

My sports day is on Friday.  We have march past, drill and some games. All boys and girls are very happy.
We had a practice today.We went to a new big school .I always want to study in big school.
I felt so happy to play games and robot dance. Icould not come first in race today.
I am  in the blue house.Abith in yellow, Sameeh is in green   house and Linda is in red house . Sumaya is blue house captain.she sometimes cries .
Abith always wins the race and I feel fed up of it.i will try to win on sports day.
I want to find out my camera. My camera is missing . I asked Jasyma to search for it . .I will ask my papa to take photos with my camera on sports day. Jasyma enjoys taking photos with her big camera.
After practice we sat in  a big classroom.all the chairs were so nice .There were photos on the walls. We had juice and pizza. We came back home.Now I am waiting for my sports day.

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