Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy birds

I wanted to go to the moon. I asked a bird –can you carry me to moon ?
Bird said- I can not take you to the moon.
Bird kissed me and I started flying.
I flew up in the sky and I saw the moon.
I saw Linda , Sameeh , Ateel ,Abith, ,ben ,Bency and Roxan playing there with a top.
They saw Bimal. They were happy to see me.
How did you come here ?they asked.
I have wings. I said.
I touched them and they all got wings.
We all started flying..happy happy bird friends.
The end.


Binoy Mathew said...

really im speechless... keep writing and become a great writer

SURAJ said...

I too wanna fly like you bimal....lets be frnds ;-)
lots of lovee for yooo

Bimal said...

i am sooo happy .thank you.

sharmi said...

kanna its too good....Hope to read more in your blog...