Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my giraffe .

Anu aunty brought me a giraffe from India. she put the giraffe in a book and brought.

the poor giraffe was sad. She  was trying to escape from the book. 

giraffe  was in pieces. I  took out her face , ears, neck, body and legs and fixed nicely. Its neck is very very long . I  call her  Minna giraffe.She is on  my door now. She is taller than me.


Materialmom said...

Are you saying 'Hi' to Minna? Say 'Hi' from me too.

Bimal said...

ok anu aunty.thank you for the giraffe.

Nandini Sijeesh said...

hey bimal ,
Ur Minna is beautiful ,Say my "Hi" to her .

Dolly said...

Bimal, we are all so happy and proud to read your blogs. God bless and love you always. Dolly (Kashmira's Mother).