Thursday, December 24, 2009

finding pink eley.

yesterday when papa and jasyma were sleeping i went to Austrualia .
i went to many toys shops looking for pink eiey .finally one shop keeper told me .'PInk eley was here with me .I fixed her ear and leg . she became very happy and went away.
'i felt sad again. where will i find her .i went to sea side.and i saw a mermaid.
i asked mermaid .can you find pink eley..'follow me .jump into sea.and come with me.mermaid said.
i saw a big toy shop under the sea.i asked a man .'can you find pink eley.' man said 'pink eley is sleeping in a box'.wat time pink eley get up/ i asked the man.he said '5 o clock.i also slept in the box .pink eley said to the man 'i will go and hide in bimals room.dont tell him.and pink eley went out.
i got up in the morning .pink eley was not came back home
.i went to my room. suddenly pink eley jumped on the bed.i eley..
i hugged pink eley .and told dont go away again.
the end.


SURAJ said...

well i too will join you to find the pink eley :-) ..bimal Iam too kind of very eager to knw where it has gone? ..remmber we need to make plans to find pink eley..:-)

Bimal said...

i dont know where is the pink eley now.
i am sad.