Monday, December 21, 2009

my aliens film

yesterday we went to a desert.when we stopped the car we saw something is moving far away . we thought that it was camels.then we saw aliens coming .green aliens.they were hungry .they came to attack us and kill us .suada started crying.i was so angry and told aliens to go away .jasyma told .aliens ,dont come home and switch on the tv .jasyma was cool.she told .aliens can you go back to your alien said .i will never come back to this desert.they all went back.
i am going to make a film of aliens.i want to be an actor.i want to act as alien and mrs jasyma alien and mr shams alien.then best film award will go to bimal.
the end.


mehar said...

the alien story is nice
next time try to make friends with will be able to know more about their planet.
all the best.

arshid said...

Hi Kannan,
We havent met yet. My name is Arshid and I am your zeenaths husband.Just wanted to tell you that I loved your blog.
Your blog has inspired me to start a blog of my own.
Love your pictures and poems too. Keep posting them.

Bimal said...

thank you arshid bhai.
i am happy.