Tuesday, August 30, 2011

lost pet

I have  lost my bird.she was my chakki.
  I am sad.
chakki,,  where did you  go?
she came my home one day. I gave her water and food.
she was a   pretty bird. she was my friend. she came inside my home and she was walking in the rooms.
she was cool .

I made cage for her .she didn't like it . she was gone, why did you go chakki? one day you must come back.
I miss you so much.
have you seen my bird ? If you see her ,ask her to come my home. 


Ashtray said...

If I see her pass by my house, I surely will tell her to go back to you Bimal :) Keep writing.

Bimal said...

thank you ashtray.

Red said...

So will i Bimal!