Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ammu and me.

One day I was sleeping. I heard a sound.I woke up and looked around.
I saw a small monkey was crying in the bed.

monkey told me, "I have no place to sleep on my tree. Some people cut all the branches."
 I said '" monkey you stay with me. I will call you Ammu.'
Monkey replied,"But my brother had told  not to go to others house. If my brother comes this house, I will hide somewhere."
I gave nuts and pizza and a small bed to Ammu.I told her " Ammu don't go away"
Ammu promised me I will never go away.
Next day her brother came to call her to go to her tree home.
Ammu's brother pulled her hand hard.
i cried.
ammu cried." Bimal , please help me. leave me alone.I want a new tree."
brother told her"you dont stay in others house.
I felt angry.and sad to see Ammu crying.
I gave a mirror to Ammu."You go home and look at the mirror , you can see me.Then you can talk to me.We are best friends.please come back "
"you go to my ummi's can stay on the big trees there."
Ammu and brother felt happy and Ammu touched my head and thanked me.
They went to ummi's house.